Dr. Ernest A. Eggers, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

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Dr. Ernie Eggers specializes in hip and knee replacement surgery, including minimally invasive approaches to surgery. Dr. Eggers is always learning and applying new techniques to his surgical approach. He strives to bring you the best possible surgical outcome, with the least discomfort.


During his career, Dr. Eggers has performed over 16,000 knee and hip surgeries. He is considered a leader and expert in the orthopedic field. He also works in custom knee and hip development. Dr. Ernie Eggers has a passion for surgery, and was the first in his area to embark on minimally invasive surgery in his region, over 25 years ago.


 Orthopedic Surgeon - Louisville, KY

Dr. Eggers was selected as one of the Top Orthopedists in the country by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

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Dr. Ernest A. Eggers, MD

Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic

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(502) 897-1794



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What Patients are Saying...


" One of the things that has stuck in my mind about being in the office is the warmth and sensitivity of the whole office staff. " 



" I have been a patient of Louisville Orthopaedic Clinic since1998, when Dr. Ernest Eggers replaced one of my hips. " 

-Marian S.